Goal of the Book

This is a book on data science with a specific focus on industrial experience. Data Science is a cross-disciplinary subject involving hands-on experience and business problem-solving exposures. The majority of existing introduction books on data science are about modeling techniques and the implementation of models using R or Python. However, many of these books lack the context of the industrial environment. Moreover, a crucial part, the art of data science in practice, is often missing. This book intends to fill the gap.

Some key features of this book are as follows:

  • It covers both technical and soft skills.

  • It has a chapter dedicated to the big data cloud environment. In the industry, the practice of data science is often in such an environment.

  • It is hands-on. We provide the data and repeatable R and Python code in notebooks. Readers can repeat the analysis in the book using the data and code provided. We also suggest that readers modify the notebook to perform their analyses with their data and problems whenever possible. The best way to learn data science is to do it!

  • It focuses on the skills needed to solve real-world industrial problems rather than an academic book.