About the Authors

Hui Lin is currently a Quant Researcher at Google. Before joining Google, Hui held different roles in data science. She was the head of data science at Netlify where she built and led the data science team and a Data Scientist at DuPont where she did a broad range of predictive analytics and market research analysis. She is the co-founder of Central Iowa R User Group, blogger of https://scientistcafe.com/, and 2018 Program Chair of ASA Statistics in Marketing Section. She enjoys making analytics accessible to a broad audience and teaches tutorials and workshops for practitioners on data science. She holds MS and Ph.D. in statistics from Iowa State University.

Ming Li is currently a Senior Research Scientist at Amazon and an Adjunct Instructor of University of Washington. He was the Chair of Quality & Productivity Section of American Statistical Association for 2017. He was a Data Scientist at Walmart and a Statistical Leader at General Electric Global Research Center. He obtained his Ph.D. in Statistics from Iowa State University at 2010. With deep statistics background and a few years’ experience in data science, he has trained and mentored numerous junior data scientist with different background such as statistician, programmer, software developer and business analyst. He was also an instructor of Amazon’s internal Machine Learning University and was one of the key founding members of Walmart’s Analytics Rotational Program.