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Data Science Workshop

The online tutorials are co-sponsored by American Statistical Association(ASA) Statistics in Marketing Section and Central Iowa R User Group (CIRUG).

  • 2017-12-14: A Flexible Method for Protecting Marketing Data, [YouTube], [Detail], [Paper]
  • 2017-10-24: Customer Analytics in a Multichannel World, [YouTube], [Detail], [Slides]
  • 2017-8-29: Customer Preference for (Un)biased News, [YouTube], [Detail], [Paper]
  • 2017-7-24: Customer-Based Corporate Valuation, [YouTube], [Detail] [Slides]
  • 2017-6-26: New packages in R Markdown ecosystem, [YouTube], [Detail], [Slides]
  • 2017-4-24: Big Data Cloud Platform in Industry, [YouTube], [Detail], [Slides]
  • 2017-3-28: Unlock Unstructured Social Media Data in Marketing, [YouTube], [Detail] [Slides]
  • 2017-2-28: Putting Big Data & Analytics to Work! [YouTube], [Detail], [Slides]
  • 2016-8-10: An Introduction to Causal Mediation Analysis, [YouTube], [Slides]
  • 2016-7-21: 用R进行市场调查和消费者感知分析, [YouTube], [雪晴数据网], [Slides], [Rcode]
  • 2016-7-14: R for Marketing Research and Analytics, [YouTube], [Slides]
  • 2016-6-8: 数据整合和辅助建模技术(1), [YouTube], [雪晴数据网], [Slides], [Rcode1], [Rcode2]
  • 2016-6-2: 数据分析一般流程和数据预处理, [YouTube], [雪晴数据网], [Slides], [Rcode]
  • 2016-5-26: Shiny Tutorial, [YouTube], [Slides]
  • 2016-4-28: R package regtools and mystery of p-value, [YouTube], [Slides]
  • 2016-3-23: A Brief Intro to Deep Learning, [YouTube], [Slides]
  • 2016-3-23: Deep Learning in R with MXNet, [YouTube], [Slides]
  • 2016-1-21: Applied Predictive Modeling, [YouTube], [Slides]
  • 2015-12-7: Web Scraping using R, [Slides]
  • 2015-11-2: Data Pre-processing Using R, [Blog Post] & Introduction to R packages: corrgram, lucid
  • 2015-7-14: The Ecosystem of R Markdown, [Blog Post]
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